Sunday, May 31, 2009

"HDKBDimpledDarling-united India-in-voting-for-a-majority-for-a-party-thereby-making-sure-there-is-a-stable-government-for-5-years"


As I see it, Hamarey desh ka beta, the dimpled darling is still being kept on a leash. So sad na? So sad for us actually.

Party mascot and all is just fine, but I would like for him to take up a position where he is ACTUALLY ACCOUNTABLE to the people who vote for what he represents. Party positions are completely meaningless (party president/"working for the youth"/party peon) unless he is accountable to taxpayers and voters. Let him head (or frankly even just work on) a commission/body/movement/even chotta mota ministry that is publicly funded and produces a report, or a quantifiable report or result. Let him show his mettle in political and administrative skirmishes. Let people ask him questions about performance. Let us be the judge of whether he knows what is involved in actually running India. Being annointed scion means more than sleeping on charpois, mild mannered sensible answers... which is expected, not exceptional... at interviews, a carefully written speech or two in parliament and a carefully orchestrated image campaign.

To say in broad strokes that "HDKBDimpledDarling-united India-in-voting-for-a-majority-for-a-party-thereby-making-sure-there-is-a-stable-government-for-5-years-to-ensure-projects-get-done" may be statistically true. By the way can you say that Mantra 15times fast just so you will memorise it and always believe that truth?

However that fact is no different for example from Kareena Kapoor being the face for a condom advertising campaign and making said campaign successful. It says nothing about how Kareena Kapoor is managing the condom sales or the supply chain for increased condom production due to projected increased sales or whether Kareena knows how to negotiate for a good price for latex. Because you see Kareena Kapoor is not actually designing or producing or touching the condom you are going to be using. There... I probably dashed the hot dreams of a few people!

But politics is like that. It can be completely divorced from governance. It can be divorced from the people being admininstered. It can be far removed from the nitty gritty of managing how to make your and my life better or even not letting our lives slide backwards. That is what I fear the Congress Party and the personality cult of Dimpled Darling have done to us. It is "team mascotgiri", without the player going on the field and sweating and coming up bruised and scratched but with quantifiable points. He has not even been in political skirmishes yet, never mind governance ones.

Do we make leeway for his "inexperience and youth"? To be perfectly honest the man is a "chaalis saal ka ghoda" hardly a youth or someone who still needs training! At his age, exceptional people should have already shown thier true mettle and shown what skill set they are capable of. Apart from image, "party mascotgiri" and non quantifiable "working for the youth" I am not seeing the very obvious markers of what will make him an exemplary future leader of a billion people.

And yes, I expect EXEMPLARY indicators from someone who accepts his annointment as the future PM with so much entitlement. He needs to be good, better than good, he needs to exceptional. He needs for us to see what he is capable of. Nay, we should demand to see that, before we start genuflecting to yet another restructed generation of the Nehru/Gandhi Political Enterprises Limited. Yeah, I said Limited, because it is literally that! It becomes even more Limited when we begin to say Brand Rahul is Brand India.


Ugich Konitari said...

There are ghodas and ghodas. Some say lambi race ka ghoda. Some say Chalees varshacha ghoda. But if you think about it this is one field that needs no practice, no internship. Students slogging as engineers, doctors, accountants need to intern, so do , in a way, those who qualify for the civil services.

Ideally, they could have appointed him to administer a district, and evaluated him after , say a year.

But these are reservations of another type.

Where else could he join. At this age ?

Rahul Viswanath said...

Longtime Kiran ...... Good one :)

Indyeah said...

EXACTLY my thoughts!!EXACTLY!
Could I be more obvious?:D

this is the topic that has been the subject of much debate the past few days on mine and I had a hard time convincing the Rahul Bhakts that dimples are not the only criteria ;)

ohhkay!so I exaggerated :D
but still at times it felt exactly like this kind of an illogical argument was going on..

PS:-Kiran I said it 20 still aint working..:(
should I say it with bhaktibhaav?:D

Solilo said...

Echo girl! Where were you?

Indian Home Maker said...

Good to see you back:)
Chammak Challo you do have a point here. We were so busy listening to the warnings against the dangers of his being the next PM candidate that there was just relief that he is not one...

I guess another thing that worked in his favour was that the voters are starved for choice(s), who does one choose between a mascot who speaks for peace and stability, and those who only open their mouths for taking pot shots at the mascot and his party?

neeraj_only said...

Loved ur write after löng time

i know wt u think about that ghoda

sad we hv to look to this ghoda. I know better one's are thr but we just don't want to give chance to them...irony

Preeti said...

I agree with u ....dimples are for the likes of prity zintas to charm ...not in politics ...and he is no kid ..high time to prove himself as future leader ...

or is gandhi family just want to stay safe by avoiding direct political status ...after all the assasinations ...

Another Kiran In NYC said...

he could join me in a cup of chai and cookies and I could give him a piece of my mind!
He could do the honorable thing and request apprenticeship in a ministry or a district or some planning committee. It can be done, even by a chaalis saal ka ghoda with privilges. Lets see what actually lies behind those dimples.

Rahul Jaani:
kaise ho?

Say it with Bhakhbhaav and Bhajans. Something like Yamini Krishnamurthi did when she danced to some Indira Priyadarshini dance she composed on Indira run Doordarshan. Though you are probably too young to remember that controversy :)

Darlin, idherich hoon. Just catching up with things.

Starved for choice is right. Dev or devil? Can I just be an apsara in either court ? :)

You read my mind :)

Gandhis like to cover thier arses. Period.