Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interview with the Vampires

This tag is going around and I loved it. No one tagged me for this. No one ever tags me *sigh*

I ganked it from my namesake in Mumbai.

As much as I complain, praise and declare my love for my "just turned 5 Son" and "just turned 7 Daughter", perhaps a faithful reportage of my kids own words and actions will give y'all a sense how they interact and think.

ME: What is something I always say to you?
SON: Behaaaave! *makes exaggerated eye rolling motions*
DAUGHTER: I love you. *gives me a hug*

ME: What makes me happy?
SON:Singing in the shower. *giggles*
DAUGHTER: When I kiss you *kisses me*

ME: What makes me sad?
SON:Hitting your head! *makes wild and crazy whooping sounds and makes windmills of his arms*
DAUGHTER: When your legs hurt, like today. *kisses my left knee*

ME: How do I make you laugh?
SON: Singing in the shower. *now he is rolling on the ground with laughter*
DAUGHTER: When you tickle me *looks very serious*

ME:What do you think I was like as a child?
SON:A vegetarian.
DAUGHTER: I dont really know. *said very slow* ....IwantanAmericanGirlDollGymnasticsOutfitSetFromSamantha *said very fast*

ME: How old am I?
SON: A million *very serious*
DAUGHTER: Oldddddddddddd. When are you going to Billy to color your hair again?*very serious*

ME: How tall am I?
SON: 17 feet *said very fast*
DAUGHTER: 5 Feet or something. But Dad's really tall. He is the tallest in the family. *squinting at me*

ME: What is my favourite thing to do?
SON: Singing in the shower *makes dancing motions and pretend scrubs himself*
DAUGHTER: Buying Stuff *giggles madly*

ME: What do I do when you’re not around?
SON:You coooooook something.
DAUGHTER: Go to work.

ME: If I become famous, what will it be for?
SON: Wearing makeup. *jumps on the couch*
DAUGHTER: Singing *does some Hip Hop dancing motions and sings Romeo (Taylor Swift) into pretend mike*

ME: What am I really good at?
SON:Training *makes weighlifting motions and goes aaaahhhh aaaahhhhhh*
DAUGHTER: Doing Kick boxing. Sometimes you are and sometimes you ar'nt. Right? *squints at me looking skeptical*

ME:What am I not really good at?
SON:Singing in the shower *very serious and straight face*
DAUGHTER: Fixing things. *very, very, very serious and straight face*

ME: What is my job?
SON: Cooking and talking *runs into the kitchen and comes back waving a ladle in the air*
DAUGHTER: Stuffffffffff *looks very bored*

ME: What is my favourite food?
DAUGHTER: Vegetables

ME: What makes you proud of me?
SON:When you give me a pedicure. *jumps on couch and throws a pillow across the room*
DAUGHTER: After you are done getting a shot without crying. *looks very serious*

ME: What makes me proud of you?
SON:When I sing in the shower. *proceeds to sing Tomorrow from the musical Annie*
DAUGHTER: When I get everything right on my spelling test. *kisses me*

ME: What do you and I do together?
SON:You give me a pedicure. *massages his left foot while hopping on the right. Daughter pushes him over. Son falls down. Fight ensues. Son cries*
DAUGHTER: Go to the Mall. *looking hopeful*

ME: How are we the same?
SON: Same in a different way. *looks very puzzled*
DAUGHTER: We both have black hair. *swings her long hair around and around and around and promptly falls down from dizziness. Spends two minutes crying. I have to kiss her*

ME: How are you and I different?
SON: Mom I want Pancakes! *loud voice*
DAUGHTER: You wear glasses when you read. *soft voice*

ME: What is one thing you wish you could change about me?
SON:Mooooooom I want pancakes! *very loud and swinging aforementioned ladle*
DAUGHTER:You not wearing glasses when you read. *pulls my glasses off*

And I tag whoever wishes to take this up. It is fun.

17 comments: said...

how loudly do you sing in the shower:-))

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Seriously, why do you sing? Poor N. He would rather hear the blonde next door sing!

introspection said...

My first visit here. I love that picture on your blog. Who is it ? Somersaulting? It's a beauty..!!

Thanks for visiting me and leaving your imprints. I have been reading your comments on Shobhaa's posts, and agreeing most times. Shobhaa is such a crisp writer. I just LOVE her writing but I disagree with most of her views. She contradicts herself; she praises only the rich & famous; and she is extremely racist. Do you agree...?

BTW, your daughter is your biggest fan. So sweet! Your son is obsessed with your bathroom singing I guess. Fun family!
I love NYC, but my daughter loves it more. And nothing other than Manhattan (where she lives) and Time Square (where she works) will do for her.
I m hoping to visit her this October, god willing. Would love to meet you, if I may.

Still thinking said...


Oh God, the kids are so cute!!! :)

And what's with this penchant for 'singing in the shower'? :p
Yeah, how loudly do you sing? :)

♥ Braja said...

Always dodgy interviewing the kids, right? :))))

Enchanted said...

This was so sweet of both your kids to let you interview them about u.
Your son is mighty obsessed over ur love for bathroom singing, i think he got bored though towards the end :-)
And your daughter is so lovable too!

Ugich Konitari said...

I guess you really need to start on the pancakes. With your reading glasses on.

Great kids ! And great tag....

Anita said...

I am so glad you tagged yourself! This was fun!

And obviously, you don't sing to yourself in the shower! :-)

The Panorama said...

I love singing in the shower:)
BTW, where have you disappeared? No posts since July...miss reading your stuff so come back soon:)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are darlings :D

Anonymous said...

CC, that's a terrifically written piece. Why have you stopped writing ?

- mowgli

p.s. found this blog off of whiteindianhousewife.

June said...

Hey Chammak Challo! I didnt tag you ..well I didnt tag anyone but do a post on 10 clues that reveal you are an Indian. Consider this a tag. Here is mine

Shruti SriHarsha said...

nice one...
your son is crazy about your bathroom singing!!!!

Renu said...

So you are a bathroom singer and your daughter just adores you.

I did this tag but my children are grwon ups so answers were not so cute:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiran,
I know this comment comes in really late but I have just gleefully discovered your blog... It is great!
This particular post is really sweet and has motivated me to keep reading :-)
Smiles to you!

Lavender said...

Haha your son is obsessed with the shower singing part :P
But the funniest is your daughter saying u guys are diff because u wear glasses and she doesn't :P

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful..Wow...

I'm going to call my mommy now :-)