Friday, July 3, 2009

Manmohan se Pyaar Hai!

She wrung her manicured hands, sindoor streaking down her Jolen bleached forhead, tears streaming down red rouged cheeks, her mermaid style draped Manish Malhotra sequined silk sari rippling against her anguished heaving chest.

"NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII NAHIIIIIIIIIIIII! How am I going to get people to understand its not THAT Manmohan I pine for, its THIS Manmohan"

Arrey yaar, not the sedate blue turbanned sardar in Sadi Dilli, I am talking about Manmohan Tiwari. He occupies my thoughts now!

And you have to ask... who is Manmohan Tiwari??????

That my friends is my guilty pleasure. I spend an hour on youtube every evening catching up with a desi show that has captivated my imagination. Captivated it in a "trainwreck but cant look away" kind of way. It is totally over the top, and sleaziness and drama and every cliche is guaranteed to appear. Even the sets and art direction are totally timepass in a good entertaining OTT way. The cast has a spunky protagonist, poets, wanna bes, mama's boys, social and career climbers, men who look like they will either start a fight or start crying at the drop of a hat/dhoti/sari, a villan and every bollywood cliche you can imagine. It is fun. It is timepass and a good one at that. It makes me laugh and weep by turns. Love it!

The show is "Rakhi Ka Swayamvar". The premise is The Bachelorette but knowing Rakhi and her propensity for drama shama it will have huge chunks of I Love New York. Lethal combination yaaron!

I have linked Part 2 of the first episode. That should set you on the right track to follow the show everyday.

I will be giving you my totally unnessary commentary as often as I can because I am that way... generous to a fault and I like y'all! hehehehe.

So will you watch and weep with me? Youtube is free everyday yaar. You gotta!

Some unnesecary kuchbhidotcom commentary on the first three episodes follow. Skip this if you havent seen them yet. But come back and read ya hear!!!!!! Else everyone gets spanked!

Who do I like the best? Thats where Manmohan comes in.

Manmohan Tiwari is T-O-T-A-L-L-Y adorable yaar! He is rocking the Khaike paan banaras walla thing in a lovely earthy and funny way, exactly how Amitabh Bachhan's persona should have stayed before he got all pompous and Harivansh Rai da puttar on us.

Yeah thats it... Manmohan Tiwari is Amitabh Bacchan as Manmohan Desai saw him through a camera lens!

Manmohan Desai... oh dear I added another Mannohan... let me count em... four!

If it was a hindi fillum, Manmohan wins hands down, but I think Rakhi is seeing dhoklas and dollar signs in the form of Elesh. Else she will be happy making paranthas for Cry Baby Face Pappu Punjabi Ingineeeeer Luv.

I dont like Luv one bit. Boring aadmi hai and too ghee and paranthas and mummy da laadla looking. Kaafi cliche type lagta hai. He looks like he drinks coffee at Dpauls at Janpath and goes clubbing in Gurgoan in a Honda City. Boring yaar... sorta like what Hritik Roshan would have been like without a good director.

I do like Elesh. He seems to have spunk and can laugh at himself. Besides I like Canadians cause they like Beer and Hockey and they live in a country with amazing environmental laws. Hehehehe.

As for Rakhi. Ladki smart hai. Us Maharastrian women are not called spunky for nothing :)


Aneela Z said...

of course Im watching RSS on youtube..didnt you read my "character analysis" of all the contendors on the blog?

Still thinking said...

Spunky, undoubtedly!
Smart??? Hmmm...

But she's got balls for sure! :)

memsaab said...

I would totally watch it except I don't speak Hindi. Maybe that doesn't matter though :-)

nina said...

LOVED learning about this! So glad to have finally discovered your blog and I really enjoy your writing! The one thing I find totally amusing is the whole "Engineer/Model" and "Actor/Advocate" thing the contestant seem to have in common... It's almost like Kareena's latest character as a "Neuro-surgeon-turned-super-model" in the current Bollywood fare! And I share you distrust of Luv, while I do enjoy the sleek sleaziness of Elesh. Thanks for a new addiction!

narendra shenoy said...

Hehehe! Missus watches it too. Hypnotized by the sheer crappiness. I'm into more cerebral stuff, like spongebob squarepants or teletubbies

Another Kiran In NYC said...

I did read your most excellent analysis! What is your take on the Ather Parvez already married trailer teaser?

Still Thinking:
She sure has! I also think she has native street smarts that most of us lack.

Lack of Hindi wont matter at all ... hehehehe.
You just have to follow the cues of heaving bosom, narrowed eyes and soulfull looks. Just like the hindi movies :)

Welcome to my blog! You are so kind. I love yours too and I am trying to catch up on all posts.
Yeah, the surgeon/model, or actor/lawyer thing has me feeling adequet. Let me see... I could be.... eeerrrrr "cook/sanitation engineer/driver/some sort of professional" sometimes... hmmmm actually it aint all bad. I have more slashes in my description than Kareena has.

We should do a viewing party. I will bring the samosas and your wife makes the chai. You and my Son can watch Spongebob on your second cacophonic TV. No shunyata for the wicked!

Aneela Z said...

pata nahee has to tolerate so many clich├ęs about the 'token' Muslim, spouting shaeree, references to himself as na cheez, sherwani, all the adaabs and chaste Urdu...and now this (married with kids looking for Wife numero 2) thoda tau stereotyping chod deytey. I know the 'twain wouldnt meet' but not at the expense of reinforcing another stereotype.

The Panorama said...

Now I must watch this Rakhi ka Swayambar...the woman is a bit annoying so that is why I haven't been so interested but now my curiosity is piqued:)

Funny post. Enjoyed reading it:)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I stopped reading after "Jolene bleached forehead" because I had to come straight to the comments and declare your genius. PS, you are a genius.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Aneela: Sure there is stereotyping. I cannot beleive the producers did not know that Athar was married. As I was watching I kept thinking... way to go to concretize the mythology. But then I realised, apart from the drama factor, this multiple wives thing is really not uncommon. If I think about it, I know plenty of muslims who do have multiple wives. Yeah even upperwardly mobile and very established professionals here in the US. Some of it was true. Some of it was drama. But I think his presence and circumstances were manipulated for ratings more than a social commentary pro or con anyone.

Panorama: Did you watch it?

Monkey: High praise indeed. I am humbled. I hope it made you giggle.

sana said...

manmohan ko mujhe dedijiye... rakhi koto lakho mil jayenge... hey guys m afraid rakhi wil choose tiwariji..he is just too gooooood.i realy like that guy..

Dolly H said...

Haha. This proves.. we all watch it!!

I do too :P
with no excuse

But its fun. I agree :D

The most interesting thing is Rakhiji's expressions and THE dialogues !!!