Monday, February 2, 2009

And the winner is.....


OXY! OXY! OXY! Your answer was right on the mark! Congratulations!
Folks go check out Oxy over here.

It is YAUTIA. Atleast thats what the sign said at the grocery store.

Sort of like Taro root I suppose. I hear it tastes more nutty than like potatoey (is that even a word).

Some information about Yautia is at one of my favorite recipe resources here.

A recipe for yautia soup is here.

A recipe for yautia cooked with fish is here.

I am going to try the fish recipe and post pictures.

So OXY the floor is yours for the next Riddle me this!


Solilo said...

Oh! not faire. By the time I sae the other post, the winner is declared *not that I would have guessed it*


Congo Oxy!

Oxy said...

Hello Chammak Challo,

Thank You!!!

Now, that is something I am not sure of.. I mean I know I have to, but what? It gotta be image only?

P.S. Skipped all those 'here'.
P.S.1 Ok, nuff. Stop the Drumroll now....:):)

Oxy said...

Oops. forgot to say thanks to you Solilo. Cheers

Solilo said...

Uh..ho! typo fair* saw*

Kiran: You are tagged. Check my blog :)

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Awwww... sorry about jumping the gun, but I wasjust dying to congratulate Oxy. Your next chance is on Oxy's Riddle.

And I will get to the tag soon enough. My first tag.YAY!

I dont think the object has to be a food item only. But I will check on it.

Manisha said...

Congrats, Oxy! Now get cracking on a strange and weird edible food item, please!

Oxy said...

Well, I did not mean 'just' the food item... I meant, 'it has to be an image'?

Anita said...

That's the deal with this trophy (great trophy BTW Kiran) are happy you were right...adn then flummoxed..what to do about it! Ha ha a bit like 'Bakra!" ;-) Congratulations Oxy! You are it!

Oxy said...

I am done with my riddle: Here it is: