Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brownian motion, totally random

So now we go on to doing something else other than fixating on the gloom and doom of my last post.

Here is totally frivolous post about random things about me.

I got tagged by DeeplyDip over in Sandy Dubai.

Here are the rules for the tag.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged. Send the person who tagged you, a link to your tag.

When I tag folks it's because I want to know more about you. Also, I am probably bored of gazing at my own navel and want to gaze at yours.

So .... All my readers and blogdosts (great term though I did not coin it), I tag everyone who can sit down long enough to do it. It is because I want to gaze at ALL your navels.

I will now bare my midriff and you can gaze at my navel now.

1. I can crack all my toes and fingers. Very Loudly. Okay TMI... moving on.

2. I get regular manicures and pedicures. I dont like nail polish on my own very short fingernails but my toe nails are always painted.

3. I am a makeup junkie. I have drawersfull of makeup, mostly unopened. Sephora is my favorite store in the Mall.

4. I own exactly 131 pairs of shoes. Yes, I counted yesterday.

5. My shoes are neatly placed heel to toe in see through boxes. I drill air holes in the boxes. The boxes have to be from Container Store. No other brand will do.

6. My closets are very, very neat. Always. On the pain of death. Yes, death!

7. My favorite chore is scrubbing bathtubs and showers. I do my deep thinking when I am scrubbing. Yes, I do windows and clean toilets too. And yes, I scrub all the bathrooms every single day. I have much thinking to do obviously. Else I am just OCD. Take your pick.

8. I love my Roomba. I really do. I have Roomba love.

9. I love to do laundry. Love it, love it. Something about folding crisp, sweet smelling clothes is very orgasmic.

10. My idea of bliss is rolling around naked in " warm just out of the drier" cotton sheets.

11. My sheets must always be atleast 400-600 count long staple egyptian cotton. Yes, they must be Wamsutta brand and they must be bought with the 20% off coupon from Bed and Bath.

12. I do not buy anything if it is not on sale. And yes, I always look online for a coupon before I shop.

13. I have been called cheap and penny pinching before. It is in my DNA I think. I also married a man with WASP New England parsimony in his DNA. We make a fine pair.

14. I play tennis with little technique but great enthusiasm. I bash that ball very hard. Yeah, not subtle, but effective. Works for most things in my life.

15. I was a competitive swimmer and track athlete as a young teen, and probably had a future in amateur athletics. But then I discovered boys! Being chased by them was more fun.

16. I have been told by more than one person that I am exactly like Elaine from Seinfeld. Yeah, I know that was completely random.

17. I like to cook. I do, I do, just not everyday. Just for fancy entertaining.

18. I like perfume and collect it in droves. Unfortunately, I cannot wear any. The husband is extremely allergic to perfume. I can only look longingly at all my bottles.

19. I am not a trained gemmologist but have been around gem knowledgable people all my life. I can usually tell the quality of gems at a glance. And yes, I like emeralds and diamonds.

19. The husband and I are always looking to add to our collection of folk art from around the world. The collection was started by my inlaws and we are sort of inheriting it.

20. I love textiles and collect them when I can. I especially like to collect antique saris.

21. I desperately want an authentic antique parsi garaa sari. I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want. I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want.I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want.I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want.I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want.I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want I want. You can tell I am desperate. I already have the emerald brooch to wear it with.

22. If you want me to like you, show me good manners and remember to say thank you and please. I dont like boorish people and will cut you off in a second. Yep, superficial that way.

23. I am very involved in womens issues and legislation. I am involved in the political life of my little town. Yeah, mostly as the crazy woman with the imposible demands and loud voice at Council meetings!

24. I once saved a friend from drowing. Yes, really. Pulled her out of the sea, pumped water out of her and all that drama.

25. I am a cancer survivor. Yes, survivor. So everyone dont forget to self exam your entire body and get all the preventive checks you can! Eat cabbage, and carrots and broccoli and love yourself!


Miss Cynical ღ Åйu ღ said...

OMG... m kinda fascinated after reading your answers!.. 131 pairs of shoes.. really!?

^:)^ .. very interesting!

PS: if yu interested in tag stuff, theres another in my list.

take care.

i am what i am said...

well it was nice gazing at your navel. good one. i've already bared mine. take a look at my blog.

SSQuo said...

I happen to think that my tub is the perfect place to 'think'. So feel free to drop WHENEVER you are in need for a thinking session. I'm all for helping you....the fact that I am left with a clean tub is just a bonus. Seriously!

Mama - Mia said...

was my grin actually getting bigger? me thinks so! :D i dont think a D can really show wide my smile is! hehe!

131 pairs in boxes WITH holes drilled into em?! scrbbing and thinking? i am gonna pick option B. OCD! ;)

and i seriously hope you copy pasted those i wants. if not, i will believe you are indeed desperate for that parsi garara!

awesome post Kiran!



The Luscious one! said...

I have re-started writing on the blog. Would love to have you visit it.


DeeplyDip said...

hey this is great!
you are a cancer survivor? Bravo woman! I love people who fight back...
#2 even i love my toes to be painted at all times...hands too most of the time...
ditto on #17!
enjoyed going thru your list :)

memsaab said...

re 20/21:

You already know that I love antique saris too :) We need to meet and compare. We can compare OCD too, except that mine drives me in a completely different direction from cleaning! :)

I did this tag on facebook...are you on it?

Braja said...

I did a post this week called I Don't Do Predictable that kinda sums up my ideas on tagging and memes and so on :)))

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Miss Cynical:
I collect shoes and then can never throw them away! That probably accounts for the amount I have.

I am what I am:
Checking out your navel next.

Sure, will come by and scrub your tub when I have worn the enamel off mine down while "thinking". Oh, and I do floors too :)

Mama Mia:
OCD is what others call it, I call it "charmingly meticulous"... hehehe. Yep, I typed the I wants, I am THAT desperate.

Luscious One:
My tub needs scrubbing first before I can have to come by and comment deep thoughts on what you wrote. Will stop by soon.

Thanks, this was a fun tag to do. My first!
Being sick was no fun but we made it through. I wasnt thinking fighter and all that during treatment. I was just getting well :)

Thanks for the link. Will look immediately.
I will definately show you mine if you show me yours :)
Yes, I am on facebook. Email me at and share your facebook link?

I love that post about your tag. made me laugh so much.

Solilo said...

Kiran, that was a revelation. A Cancer survivor? Bravo girl!

BTW you still have to do my tag. I think it was a picture tag.

Enchanted said...

131 pairs of shoes!!! i have to show this to my husband. He thinks it is just me who is that crazy :-)
And a cancer survivor...Bravo.. Cabbage, broccoli and carrots.. i hate them all :-(

neeraj_only said...

agreed really "Brownian motion" motion these are. By reading your 100 things one can know many things about you . This 25 only makes that knowledge better.

really fascinating are
#4 : 131 shoes!!. Huge number , i just wonder you recognize all of them.

#25 : cancer survivor. Big fighter you must be. You defeated cancer.

#22 : thanks and please : "thanks" for writing this good blog entry and "please" keep on writing blog.

Piper .. said...

:) I can see how verrrry dissimilar we are! :) 131 pairs of shoes??!! I have just 3!! :)

Anonymous said...

131 SHOES.. How does you chose which one to wear/
What if the one you need is the one that is buried under Box10, shoes 129?

Interesting reading the list. i did mine on FB as well..:)

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Will get to collecting the pictures for the tag, soon enough. I can never decide my favorites easily though.

Become a charter member of the "show collectors club". Show your card to your husband :)

Totally random right? And # 22... you are very polite :)

You are lucky that you are not much like me. Deciding what shoes to wear is a half hour job...hehehehe.

Thats the thing, so many pairs but I just wear about a dozen of them regularly. I just wont throw away the rest.

Anonymous said...

#13: You know what they say, kids rebel against the older generation. Your kids will no doubt be horrible spendthrifts. LOL