Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jai Ho!

Does NOT get any cuter than this! Just adorable.

Picture courtesy my most favorite desi style blog....

I was so happy to see Slumdog sweep the oscars. Perhaps it will now be possible to atleast start a dialog about a more democratic society, about the haves and havenots and the deep divide between them.

Congratulations to AR Rahman. What a richly deserved award. Not just for this movie but for his entire body of extra ordinary work

In other news...

Frieda's dress was lovely.

I am glad the desi actors did not wear desi clothes. They wore the clothes that would market them appropriately on a world stage as working actors.

I wish I were skinny and could wear Anne Hathaway's cream pailette sequined dress.

Sophia Loren looked tranny.

Penelope Cruz annoys me and I did not think her role in Vicki Christina Barcelona was worth an award.

Jack Black makes me realise that men who make me laugh are hot.

Sean Penn and his angst is just plain hot and he does not have to make me laugh.

Thats all folks.


Anonymous said...

That was fast.I just stopped watching and came up to the desktop.

Agree about Sophia.She scared me.

Indyeah said...

saw your post right after I finished watching the awards..:))
that was darn quick!
and Sophia Aunty scared me too:D

though I like her movies..(but why look like a hag on oscar night of all things???)

me happy happy too...most of all for and because of Rehman:))

Renu said...

Picture is really cute!
I am happy for A.R . Rehman :)

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Why do you fail to acknowledge Rasool for sound mixing yaar? Read into his life, he is truly a slumdog millionaire story! A true life, true to day... He is our slumdog that won an Oscar! Yes, AR did too... but somehow I was not very impressed by his speech. Being nominated for the Oscars, yea he could have hired a speech writer to make that impactful speech that one only gets a chance of a lifetime to give... Ok if you are meryl streep... maybe a bit more often. I liked Rasool's speech better :-D And for the record, no orange in jackman.. just hot hot hot ;-)

memsaab said...

I thought Steve Martin and Tina Fey were the best presenter pair EVER. Just hilarious---their senses of humor played off each other perfectly.

And Sophia looks awful because she's TOO THIN.

:) ARR and Resul gave such great acceptance speeches too, short but sweet! "Mere paas Maa hai!"

hmmlife said...

Sophia was surely very scary.. she could have dressed much better.. oh well.
i loved AR Rehman's speech.. overall i enjoyed the show.. i normally don't watch oscars.. only did to see if AR will get the award..
so happy for kate winslet..

Piper .. said...

:) :) agree with every word! Sophia Loren looked positively scary. Angelina Jolie is one detestable woman i feel - no reasons. Just like that! AR Rahman was awesome, dont you think. And hey, I`m so relieved too, to see all of them looking appropriate, instead of , in Indian clothes!! :) :)

Rahul Viswanath said...

Trust me Kiran Penelope Cruz did a great job .... Did you watch the movie ??

Mama - Mia said...


i was gonna ask what is tranny! i think i can amke a guess!

didnt watch the awards! sigh!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

I was gtalk trashtalk chatting with a friend and watching the Oscars. My post was just the next step :)

Rehman and Rasul made nice speeches didnt they? Was so happy.

The kids were just adorable. Very natural.

No, No I dont mean to gloss over Resul at all. I think this win was significant in that now Regional cinema will be given thier due. Both Rahman and Resul are from the Chennai film industry first.
And Jackman was so hot, he glowed orange. Yeaaaahhhh right! Fake Tannerrrrrrrzzzzz!!!

I completely missed the Tina Fey and Steve Martin bit, I must have been engrossed in trashtalking with a friend on gtalk (friend you know who you are... humphhh) when this happened. Tina Fey is great, but the lustre wore off Steve Martin after his last funny movie... the one where his daughter gets married. Its been downhill since then. Did they do a SNL style riff?

Hmmmm life :
Big bones, too skinny, big hair and too much bronzer and makeup... make a tranny looking person even trannier. I think our own Rekha is going just that way.

I liked the western location appropriate attire too.

The whole Penelope Cruz fan thing is a man thing... I am convinced. The husband likes her too. She is just annoying. I saw the movie and trust me any actress could have done that tortured crazy screaming artistic genius bit, with one hand tied behind her back. The movie itself wasn't allllll that, except for the location which was lovely.

Mama Mia:
When I say Sophia was tranny, I dont mean the feminine ladyboys from Bangkok, this was full on showtime drag queen!

SSQuo said...

Kids were too cute, esp. Azhar. Do you notice medium 'Salim' always standing in angle?? :)

Highheelconfidential is too much! I visit if off and on, havent been there for a while, but being away from Bbay it keeps me kidna aware of who is who, although Im still kinda lost sometimes not knowing who they are.
My opinion:

ARRahman: Rocks
Freidas dress: Did not rock whatsoever, in my opinion.
Liked Penelope Cruz, dont liek Jack Black - hmm he's not hot!
Sean Penn: Agree, he's hot anyway he is.
Ms Sophia: Bizarre

Loved the format where the earlier winners came forward and kinda 'spoke' to the nominees.
Glad Anil Kapoor didnt go crazy on stage even though he usurped a perfect spot behind Danny Boyle. I like the guy, hes just over enthusiastic...its not contagious!

Did AR Rahman sing live? There were some just checking. Good show overall!

Deeps said...

I had tears in my eyes when I heard ARR give his Oscar speech!Literally!I,like every other Indian was so so proud of him!

And Hugh Jackman!Dont we just love him?HE was an absolute treat to watch.He was a revelation when I saw him perform that musical on stage-a la Broadway style!

Hey thanx for dropping by my page,Kiran!Will look forward to reading you more often now:)

Deeps said...

BTW,who's that acrobat featured in your header??

Solilo said...

Sophia scared me too.

Resul Pookutty is from Kerala and he has been a sound recordist for too long like Saawariya, delhi 6 and he also got a filmfare for another Hindi film (I forgot) but it took Academy award to make his name popular.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

No idea if ARR sang live. Seemed that way to me. I am sure though that he probably had to record something just in case! I wonder if they play it also during the live performance to keep the singer in tune etc. Sometimes its gets hard to hear the accompanying musicians behind the mike.

The acrobat is my little daughter.

I agree. ARR and Resul getting the awards will probably make the powers that be that support film making realise that Bollywood is not just where movies are made. Regional cinema is alive and feebly kicking.

kuldip..the illusionist said...

well....nice observations bt one thing which bothers me is tht why is the talent of Rehman recognised only after he has worked for an international brand???(some of his previous work were as good or even more admirable...) hope i get an answer......

Another Kiran In NYC said...

While the desi public knows all about Rehmans spectacular body of work, the rest of the world only had hints. Face it, desi films do not have a huge western audience. They just dont. They have an audience in the Middleeast, Africa, Russia perhaps and make a great deal of money, but in the west they are still an unknown species. Even the huge collections for hindi films in the US are from Desis here who watch the films. The regular Joe or Jane down the street is not exactly looking to watch Hindi Films.

The oscar was important, because the academy awards show is a world stage. The whole world is watching the Oscars. As much as a person would like to deride the US and pooh pooh everything the US stands for , the fact that someone "makes it" in the US means a LOT. Lots more people are suddenly aware of you.

Did you hear how Rehman's asking price shot up after winning the Oscars? No other explainations needed.

Sakura said...

Kids look Cho cute [:D] esp little Jamal