Thursday, January 1, 2009

Felix sit annus novus!


Bhavati api nutana samawatsaryasa shubhashchaya!

Thats the Latin and Sanskrit for: Happy New Year folks!

I know the Latin is right (courtesy the Husband who studied latin for 8 years... yeah his spelling is really, really, really good), but I have no idea if the grammar and syntax is right in Sanskrit? Is it?

I think it is just appropriate that I start the New Year with a question. Isn't that the way our year is going to unfold in anycase? We do live our life in search of all the questions and answers and questions again. It is what makes us humans. So this year I celebrate curiosity and questions! No questions will be taboo and the hard questions will be asked too. On my blog and in my life too.

And now another question...

So what did you do to celebrate?

Over here, I just went to bed at 9.30 and slept like a baby. It felt comfortable to do that somehow. I think 2009 will be about homeiness and comfort and family for me. Oh and questions!

I know this is late, but it is still within the 12 days of Christmas, and it made me smile, and my kids guffaw in delight. I hope it makes you smile too.

Turn your speakers up, click on the link and click the Play arrow.

I do love Jingle Baiils and red and green parandis and sarson ke khet!


The Comic Project said...

Happy new year to you too. And the latin sounds like "Felix sit on your ass now" :-) delete this comment if you think its inappropriate.

Went to bed at 9.30 is criminnnnnal :-) Was out in Amsterdam, will post pics soon. Never seen the Times Square celebration, so I try to do the Dam Square celebration.

No questions will be taboo - GREAT. Looking forward to it.

Another thing - Me first!!!

IT was a fun thing we did at TCP once, the first guy to comment said "Me first", i.e. claimed first position and there was a raging battle on for that spot and then the second position and third and so on :-)

JINGLE BAIL!!!! Awesome

Rahul Viswanath said...

HNY .......... esp to ur daughter .... I love baby galzzzz !!!

Had an embarrassing house party with some firangi's .... eeeeksssssssss (reminds me of American Pie Naked Mile kind)...... went to Sound Bar in chicago downtown !!

How did ur's go ??

Louise, Carmine Superiore said...

I just loved your jingle bells link. It was so clever and soooo funny. I, also, went to bed at 9:30 on new year's eve and I didn't feel bad at all!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Felix is certainly sitting on his new arse now... hehehehe

I hope your hang over was not too bad, but I bet you had a fun time.

Mountains, Milan, Farm, winter Jasmine... what else can I say. Cant get better than that. Welcome!

my space said...

Happy New Year
I loved the Mtv.. very cute..hopped on from deeply dips blog

Braja said...

I love that 12 days of Xmas thing, especially the "totally insufficient dowry"!

Braja said...

btw, pleeease tell your daughter to help name that little calf!! I don't want him to end up with a name like Bruce or something :)) I'm counting o her good Indian genes to come up with something suitable :)

Anonymous said...

I always get home early and go to bed early on New Year's Eve. I'm such an old bag :)

great jingle bails :)

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

LOL! After a long time Rajesh laughed out so loud! That's creativity! So... Kudos to the video. Where do you get all this goofy stuff? Is Robert back?

I sent you the recipes in the email like I told you!

Rest all good!


Anonymous said...

So here's where I was supposed to post my new year greetings. HNY again. The jingle bail video clip is damn cute.

We had a quiet new year's eve this year. Some homemade bhel, champagne and chocolates - I know it's an unusual combination but whatever! Watching the London Eye celebrations on tele just added to the sense of occasion.

Aneela Z said...

Yeh Cup aap ka hua:
Kindly come by and collect

Another Kiran In NYC said...

My space:
Welcome, and I hope that you will be back. I intend to check out your blog immediatly!

Name suggestions made :)

I hear you. Old bag that I am, I am so over the next day hangover. Never want to suffer that again. Too old for that and all that jazz!

I tried a recipe from your link. Delish. Will tell you all about it! Thanks. Yes, the husband is back from sunny climes.

Homemade Bhel... ohhhh yum. Lead me to it! Happy Happy to you too!

Rushing there with big bag in hand. Need something to lug the cup back to my blog. I just have to figure out how to put it on the blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh,did you mean you would like the recipe?!? It's my own really, a hotch-potch of just about anything and everything. I will remember to email it to you at the address you've provided sometime soon. Before my yearly pilgrimage to India anyway!! Yes, that time of the year is coming very soon:-)

Another Kiran In NYC said...


I am waiting for the bhel recipe *taps toes impatiently*

When are you making your des yatra?

Anonymous said...

Des yatra happening next month and minus hubby. For two whole months!!! Combining thodasa work aur bahut sara pleasure. What more does a desi girl want?

Will get the bhel recipe to you before then for sure.