Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heir and spare

So the news today says that Rahul Gandhi will contest the elections and his sister Priyanka Vadra... once upon a time heir apparant... will not.

Hmmmm.... lets put our thinking caps on.

Given the history of the Gandhi family, this is very good strategy and smart thinking. One person gets to sully his hands in the business of politics. Someone in the wings keeps thier hands clean. When the political fall comes, as it will and has in the past, the pristine one takes over to keep the seat warm until previous heir redeems himself by allowing pliant aides to take the blame. Long live the King and Long live the Kingdom!

The heir and the spare. And they can play switcheroo too!

Hamari Italian Bahu (HIB) has kept the seat warm for too long. She shall now reign as Empress Dowager.

I am curious what happens when Rahul finally marries that long suffering Columbian (or is it Venezuelan) woman kept quiet in the wings. Will we also get Hamari Columbian Bahu? All these Hamari Gandhi Bahus are making me forget all my geography!

And if you want a belly laugh or a quiet chuckle at some cleverly done comic strips go see this site:

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Aneela Z said...

the columbian bahu-to-be is still around? my god she gives camilla competition in "tenaciousness".

The Comic Project said...

If Rahulbaba's bride is Colombian then would be fun to watch the meme of "Rajiv married into the mafia" and "Rahul married into the drug barons" :-)

Dynastic politics has been mastered by the Nehru-Gandhi family but that was true only until 10-20 years ago. Today, every politician is trying to do that, it just makes sense that you protect the family business which is what this has become.

I don't care much for the dynastic stuff, but it is trumping merit too often. But politics is not like a job in the office too. Success depends on connections, money, some talent/charisma and dynasties provide these things out of the box.

It is a pity that we keep going back to the same family as if there are no other alternatives. But then I look at the alternatives and realise I am between the devil and the deep blue sea. The choices are:
- a 80+ yr old man who is more desperate than the desperate housewives
- the 70+ yr old non-leader likely to be replaced by
- a sub-40 novice who will breed more chamchagiri and further the family business
- the 56 inch chest who allowed Indian citizens to be slaughtered
- the elephant goddess from UP who is on her own agenda of social re-engineering
- some weirdo like Deve Gowda that will be conceived by the orgy of a bunch of clueless power-hungry losers

Do I pick the one who is the best among the evils or the one who is least likely to be evil once in power? And how do I gauge that?

Oh god..please give my country one decent leader.

neeraj_only said...

Family run business ...but they need CEO's ...i m just guessing who will be next CEO ( this time Manmohan singh was there )if family gets chance to rule .

Double Seven said...

Nepotism at its tard best.

Modi for PM!


Aslam Pyarajan said...

may the lesser evil leader win

south its easy...leaders are always from movies...and ppl flip flop every five years.

Onthewingsofadream said...

how about lallu ....he will be fun ..:-)

Daanish said...

ruler are always going to be from a "dynasty" rememder!

democracy is just a game to keep people like us satisfied to chose from chosen people!

maidinmalaysia said...


DeeplyDip said...

true...India has been ruled by the Gandhi family and the way it is going, it will continue...and well yes our Gandhis sure love foreign girls more than Indian ones ;)

Solilo... said...

We love nepotism everywhere. We are immune.

Braja said...

Heir and the spare :) I loved that. Oh how true....pretty pretty politics.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Yes, if she is still around, the woman paid her dues already.

There are alternatives. Yes there are. We just have to belive in them.

CEO is so true. To take the fall!

Double Seven:
Outside of Gujrat, Modi is a hard sell.

If nothing else changes, sadly just choosing the lesser evil may have to be the solution. But we can also all be part of the solution. There is a choice.

Laloo... maverick. I want to admire him for his folksy intelligence. But I am unsure how he translates into a national unifier.

Democracy is a flawed concept. But compared to the alternative, it is a blessing. We can make it better.

welcome to the blog.

Yes they do love the foreign ones dont they. Thats fine, cause I choss a foreign one myself. But I am not positioning him to become king!

Are we really immune? Atleast we talk about it. In some parts of the world, it is not even discussed.

Yes, pretty pretty politics! I like the irony and tone of that :)