Monday, January 12, 2009

Toast with Olive oil and Tomato

Yes, that is what I am eating. Regular Toast, drip extra virgin Olive Oil on it and grated tomato with salt and pepper. Poor mans Bruschetta but soooooo good. A friend in Spain made this for me one summer morning and it has remained my favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack since.

Why do I eat this?

Oh to celebrate!

Celebrate what you ask, my chickadees?

Celebrate the hottness that is SRK. Even if he did wear a sequinned tie inside his unbuttoned shirt, even if his hairline looked painted on and even if he had been too generous with the spray tanner ( or was it just too much make up). He was fun, witty and appeared relaxed when he presented at the GG's. He was truly represnting!!!

Bollywood can only benefit from this kind of exposure.

I am so glad Slumdog Millionaire won the accolades that it did. It deserved everyone of the them and then some.

For those who complained that it was "the generic western movie about India", I have this to say, atleast someone made a watchable movie about the reality that is India. A movie with wit and genuine heart. It told a tale set in India, that people across the world can easily relate to. Cinema needs to be understood the first time it is seen. It does not need reference books to be consulted after the fact. Slumdog did all this.

I hope they dont change a thing in the hindi version of the movie. It is the directors complete work as it is now. It beats with his heart right now. "Cleansing it" and/or makeing it more palatable for the desi audience to accept and appreciate will be doing this very distinct view a disservice.

Danny Boyle showed India as it is.

The India that middle class desis would like the West to see... exists but it is a real and tangible India for that class only. This class of people includes you and me and even the rich and everyone who can afford to see the movie without thought to thier next meal.

The fact is that there are more people who face odds in making a daily living than do not. It takes going away from the milieu to sensitise to inequity again and then coming back to the country to realise that most middle class urban people in India live on an intellectual island that only they have entry to... where thier patch of the sky remains a money green (or whatever color desi money comes in now). And no I do not believe for one minute that the west is only obsessed with seeing poverty in "Have not nations". I say that they are willing to see it ALSO.

People who "have" would much rather just have the "havenots" be hidden away in thier place in the outhouse. And poverty is not a disease. Dont worry you wont catch it if you see the movie. Poverty is just a symptom of a disease, that of indifference. Hiding the symptom does not make it go away.

And MadInMumbai, I have not forgotten. I have asked for Pixote and Salaam Bombay to be sent to me, will report on that later on.


Solilo said...

Yay! Here's to Shah Rukh Khan (one patiala peg). SRK is celebrated everywhere. First IHM lists him as joru ka gulam in a good way and now this.

I still think he should have worn something more formal but well! that smile and confidence can still melt a thousand hearts (dhak dhak) Ha! Ha!

I also loved Anil Kapoor ecstatic shout. That is us. We cheer!

pink dogwood said...

hey Kiran - you are the winner of riddle me this (sorry I put something so lame - I didn't have much time to think about it :)

Are you game for a follow up post?

btw, I agree with you about slumdog 100%


Anonymous said...

I am liking the smell of whatever it is that you are eating to celebrate. Smells rather fetching. Way to go girl...

And, yay!!! What a night for Slumdog,eh? It deserves all the accolades that it has got so far and the ones that will come its way in the following months. Fingers crossed.

SRK did look good, even if I don't like saying it. I didn't notice the tucked in sequinned tie. You know, I just couldn't get my eyes off Frieda! How can someone be so stunning? Big things will happen for her, I am sure. Bahu must be burning with jalan, no?

Btw, I am not going to add anything more to your analysis. You know my thoughts already:-)

The Comic Project said...

I love bread with olive oil, this one sounds different. Gotta try it out.

Slumdog Millionaire, the film itself I didn't like much, not because of what was shown, how it was shown etc. but theek laga. But Rehman's music was excellent. Glad he got an award for it.

Freida Pinto looks like getting more popular than all the other bollywood actresses who have tried. If she plays her cards right, she could have a career there. She is attractive, not super beautiful, her nakhras/expectations will be limited, and if not films, she could make it on TV (after Dr.Mohinder Suresh)

Rahul Viswanath said...

Jai Ho SDM ..... Never did try toast with Olive Oil ........ ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow.. in a long time i havent had anyone scream for SRK... thank you for doing so. brings back my passions related to him...
***sulks big time! :(

memsaab said...

What you said!!!!!!

:-) and I was thrilled beyond words to see SRK.

All my non-Hindi-film friends (which is most of them) called the next day to make sure I'd seen my "boyfriend." :-)

DeeplyDip said...

i am yet to see the film but yes it's great to have won the gg for it...and i looove bruschettas! your recipe seems interesting as well :)

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Pour me another yaar... chotta peg!

And Yeah baby, us desis cheer!

Welcome to my blog.
I won! I won! Thanks!
I shall put something up in a couple of days.

Bahu is jaling and jaling I am sure. See AB's last blog post. Sore loser!

Dr. Suresh is to die for! He is just delicious.
I think Frieda has big things in store unless she is swollowed in the swamp that is Bollywood. Then she will never emerge again. Bahu and Bahu ke Bapu will make sure of that.

Use the best Extra Virgin Olive oil you can afford. It really makes a difference. In olive oil you get what you pay for.

You and I should have a SRK lovefest party and play Om Shanti Om and Don like a million times over and over. Pakoras and some Kingfisher or Tajmahal beer (it really tastes good with desi food) is on me.

But SRK was my boyfriend!

Brushettas are on me! Go have one.
A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

Daanish said...

SRK is really cool,as a desi guy I can say this much!you girls are lucky to say it or scream out loud:)I LOVE SRK !

Anonymous said...

sounds like a feast then :D
and for sure I am gonna go around doing the crazy numbers :D
i can actually see him join us in our fun :D

Anonymous said...

I meant to write 'sounds' rather fetching not 'smells' rather fetching in my earlier comment. Never mind. I am gonna try making this brushetta your way tonight. Dekhte hai. Not looking forward to grating the tomato though!

Yes, I read Bapu's blog and I am FURIOUS. And this despite being a fan. Bapu's jaling is evident or is he jaling on Bahu's behalf? We wouldn't know, would we? His comments are a disservice to a very good film is all I will say.

VJ Sophie said...

Yr welcome chammak challo

Toast with Olive oil and Tomato, hmm sounds yum..

Slumdog Millionaire ... loved that movie, nice review..