Thursday, January 8, 2009

In which my Kaleja is on fire!

My kaleja is on FIRE....Sunjay Dutt as LS candidate from Lucknow from the SP party!

I am surprised he isnt being fielded from Azamgarh where most of the gun running and murdering "disaffected" youth have come from recently. He would represent them perfectly... like really represent!

What next... Kasab as South Mumbai LS candidate? He has been there for a while in jail so has he got his ration card and drivers license from there already?


memsaab said...

Indian politics just confuse the heck out of me.

Why is Sanju qualified to represent Lucknow?????

memsaab said...

ps what is kaleja? :)

Solilo said...

Ha! Ha! you still have kaleja after seeing what our politicians dished out after 26/11. One says 'bade bade sharon mein aisi batein hoti hain'. You know bomb blasts!

I knew it! Manyata Dutt alienating both SILs and giving interviews about how nice her husband is and that he needs to serve this nation. Her photos flashed out at various peace vigils last month. I knew Sanjay Dutt, the puppet is up to something.

Rahul Viswanath said...

I did sense this .... esp when I heard Manyata Dutt say that Sanju baba should join politics couple of months back .......

Now no one can arrest him ?? ;-)

Onthewingsofadream said...

i have been a sunjay dutt fan since i was a kid ..i loved him all through , his addiction days , his jail days ... but even I cannot defend this ......

p.s .. and i am not from surrey ..m from India ..bangalore is my home nowdays ...

Daanish said...

In our country politics is the best refuge for criminals.They mostly become above the Law and sometimes,The Law!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

I have no idea why Sunjay is qualified for anything. Starting in school he was an indulged thug and he hasnt changed.

Kaleja is liver. I know... it sounds strange... heartburn... liver... hard to explain, but its a desi-ism.

Manyaata likes her men thuggish. Has a record of them.

She is not too smart though. Her moves were obvious.

Damn right, no one can arrest him... hehehehe.

Yeah well you cant rub the stripes off a zebra. Sorry you had to be disilliusioned . This man has lived off people's goodwill for his parents for too long (his parents did a poor parenting job to compound his natural thuggish ways).

So true, they write the laws.

memsaab said...

Well, he's certainly made a lot of poor decisions throughout his life. Guess he might as well not stop now.

And I totally get the Kaleja on fire thing. Think I will have to use it someday :-D

The Comic Project said...

@memsaab: He chose lucknow coz he had bad luck earlier..sheeshhhhhhhhhhh
@AKNYC: He is doing what he can to protect himself against future police cases.
@Solilo: It's my favourite line - I think the exact was "Itne bade shahar me ekhada haadsa ho jata hai, is liye total intelligence phailure aisa nahi ..." It's the current rage at home :)

Anonymous said...

And rightly so! Meant this for your Kaleja being on fire:-) Why am I not surprised? It happens only in India...Now it isn't just a Govinda song, is it?

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Kaleja fires can be dampened somewhat by a glass of wine while watching SRK threaten to do pelvic gyrations as a Golden Globe presenter!

Kaleja got some aaram!