Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nuff Said!

Like I said... NUFF SAID! Hehehehehe.

I want to be one of those... Atim Bums!

Oh and are Chammak Challos allowed to be Haseenas too?
Ps. AneelaZ thanks for reminding me about this one. Always lurved this image!
Your post about sexual violence (and by implication gender inequities) was interesting and a subject we need to read and write about more often.
Everyone go read An AtimBum is ordering you to!


Solilo said...

What is this? One of those Ramsay movies?


Aneela Z said...

No Solilo it is a Pushto movie ...but it was such a big hit, that it was dubbed and re-released in Urdu et al (and a Noor Jehan no less belted a Hasseeeeena ATOM BUM for it)...its basically about a " wronged" woman seeking vengeance with a set of garden shears and I think a giant syringe...I havent watched it, was not "old" enough or " male" enough for the video store wallah to lend it...but it is part of " Pakistani public culture" should look for a DVD one of these days.

Kiran: Yup, wearing your undies on top of leopard skin tights...who said Superman was the last word on setting fashion statements, baybeh.

Braja said...

Ahh...and thus Bollywood has another in its death grip...someone pass the smelling salts...

Double Seven said...

Heysoos Christ, Another!

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL :)
We should have a sequel called 'Haseena Newclear Bum' :)
And doesn't their popularity convey some resentment against (the largely unreported/unpunished sexual) violence?

Indian Home Maker said...

@ Aneela - Had to come back and express my admiration for the Undies on Top fashion statement :)

memsaab said...

Oh, I so want to see this film. Sigh.

Onthewingsofadream said...

heeehehehe ...just read a thousand splendid suns y'day ...
why this was not mentioned there ...:-)

i canot stop looking at the pic ...

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Aneela Z is our explainer of all things Pushto Language movies!

A syringe you say? hehehehehe
And I would hate to do Supermans laundry!

Oh I can I never be innoculated against bollywood. I have a love of the absolutely weird and absurd! And you know what, I am hoping the kids take after me :) Frightening no?

Double seven:
Yes, yet another.

"And doesn't their popularity convey some resentment against (the largely unreported/unpunished sexual) violence?"

Somehow I think it doesnt translate quite that way in real life. It is still just entertainment unfortunately.

Yes a Haseena AtimBun screening party must be held.

Funny, that is the exact same book I am reading.